The following is feedback from customers about my usability test reviews on Usertesting.com.

Sterling-Rice Group [9/26/2011, 2:24pm]:
Thanks very much for your insightful feedback and observations on The Best Life – we’re going to be redesigning the site soon and your feedback will be very helpful. www.thebestlife.com

The tester was talking through her experience on the site which was very helpful. The tester is was detail in her explanation and patient. We have some navigation to work on when adding questions since it confused our tester. Thanks for the great feedback.  12/20/2010 http://www.plutoville.com

Followed the tasks laid out thoroughly. Kept trying to figure things out when they weren’t obvious and kept thinking out loud so we could understand the user experience. Helpful first-hand insights! 4/1/2011  http://www.dental1.com

Good test. She tells what she feel and see. Despite some task couldn’t have been accomplished, she tried hard and gave us important information.  2/3/2011  http://www.basekit.com

It’s helpful to us to see when and how users get stuck. Thanks for your review! 1/25/2011 http://apps.facebook.com/ideachallenges/


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