Humor me….

Well, since the other day I was talking about creating a blog with my husband’s humor he did not seem as interested in the idea as I did. When I published that posting, most people found the blog because of the word humor in the tags. I did create a sweepstakes blog, but the idea is not as good as the funny one. I am going to try my hand at another blog at blogger with dynamic pages so I can add video. Maybe I will dress up like Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller portrait
Image via Wikipedia

did and come up with a great funny name. Any suggestions would be helpful. I like wordpress for my own blog,

but they do not offer Adsense to make money. So that is why I am setting up shop there for revenue sites.

I do great design work! I have experience setting up WordPress(duh), Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other custom websites. I do logos, brochures, signs and just about anything else that is graphically produced. If you are in need of some help, send me an e-mail at

I will try to get the humor thing rolling very soon.  Hopefully by next week.


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