Hard Core Graphic Designer Jokes


  1. You can’t go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design.
  2. You get pissed when a free Photoshop brush you download is less than 1000px in size.
  3. You’d rather study the paisley pattern on your boyfriend/girlfriend?s shirt than listen to what he/she has to say.
  4. You’ve had Software Nightmares, when you’ve been working way too much.
  5. You consider meals interruptions.
  6. You’ve actually $paid for a font.
  7. You’ve learned your lesson and stopped using the word ?final? in any file name when saving.
  8. You can use keyboard shortcuts at light speed, blindfolded, but you can?t type a paragraph of text without staring at the keyboard.
  9. When you look at Album art all you see are grunge Photoshop Brushes. (Then you see the album art a couple minutes later)
  10. You’ve Photoshopped out a watermark for a comp or mock-up.

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